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What it's like to work with me

"Kristen's ability to ask the hard questions, while maintaining her signature warmth and professionalism, was instrumental for me as I made my career pivot. With her coaching I was able to better understand myself and walk confidently into finding the career of my dreams."

"Kristen’s superpower is her ability to infuse poignant questions, feedback, and frameworks with empathy and joy. She probes you to dig deeper into what matters to you - and why - and helps surface the ways in which you already have power to take control over your decisions, work, and life. She empowers you towards action by helping you reconnect to what lights you up."

"Kristen was welcoming, empathic and respectful from day one. She created a safe space to explore and take comfortable risks, a big leap for a risk-averse person! I am so excited for my next career step thanks to Kristen!"

"I have felt so lucky to have Kristen as my coach over the last few months. As a coach Kristen is caring and thoughtful, but also asks the best questions to encourage different ways of thinking through obstacles. What always amazes me the most is her ability to quickly pick-up on details and deep context that enable her to to truly understand what's going on for the other person. This skill allows her to empathize and challenge in the best ways possible! I always wait in anticipation for my next session with her!"

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