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Looking to make a change?

Are you feeling stuck? If you're seeking clarity on what you want and how to get there, working with me as your coach can give you the support, encouragement and accountability you have been missing. 

Meet Kristen

Leadership, Career and Life Coach

As a coach, facilitator, and trainer I help people make big changes in their life. This often starts with helping people discover their values, explore what they want in their lives, and uncover what beliefs or thoughts are holding them back from making their goals a reality. That change can take many forms: a new career, a transition into a new role, building or replacing habits, or adopting a new perspective on how you approach something. 


I bring compassion, optimism, and an action-orientation to my coaching, along with a straightforward and encouraging approach for making and sustaining progress. I help you reflect on your current situation, partner with you to brainstorm options, and suggest practical tools to help you move forward. The outcome of coaching can be magical for those who invest the time and effort. My purpose as a coach is to help you get the clarity you need to create a life you love. I am passionate about helping others and for me it's a privilege to work with people in this way.

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Where do you want to make change in your life? 

Seek and achieve balance and fulfillment

Explore or pivot

your career

Accelerate your performance and leadership 

Gravel Road into the Forest
The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
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