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Goal setting: a powerful activity whether you love it or loath it

One of my favorite times of the year is the first week of January. It's a fresh year and it's a time I love to reflect on the last year and set goals for the year ahead. Whether you love or loathe resolutions, setting goals can be a powerful way to make progress toward your desired future. Here are some great resources about goal setting.


Your Best Year Yet, by Jinnie Ditzler - My mom, sister and I meet every year (2022 was our 16th year!) to use the ten questions laid out in this book to look back at the last year, and plan for the year to come. Below are the ten questions from the book. We usually spend 4-6 hours doing reflecting, journaling, sharing our answers with each other and taking multiple breaks for snacks and tea. In 2020 I hosted a goal setting workshop for the amazing friends in my life so we could do this same activity in a larger community setting, and it was so powerful to hear what one another is focused on. It was especially fun to then see these friends taking action on their goals and intentions that year (or the next, since COVID in 2020 ruined many of our best laid plans!).

Q1. What did I accomplish?

Q2. What were my biggest disappointments?

Q3. What did I learn? (Create 3 Guidelines for yourself)

Q4. How do I limit myself and how can I stop?

Q5. What are my personal values?

Q6. What roles do I play in my life?

Q7. What role is my major focus?

Q8. What are my goals for each role?

Q9. What are my top 10 goals for next year?

Q10. How can I make sure I achieve them?



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